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The Monkeys Involved
Market Monkeys was founded by Boston-based marketers Michelle Conceison and Jennifer Falk. Both have had lengthy careers at advertising agencies and marketing firms in San Francisco, Washington DC, Baltimore, Chicago and Boston, and received MBAs from the Simmons School of Management. Neither claim music was part of the original plan, but both agree it's always been an integral part of their lives. And in music, the best managers are always fans first.

Here is information on some of the good folks here at monkey central. As the Market Monkeys roster has grown, so has our little team. You can read plenty about the talented artists across the country who call themselves "monkeys" in partnership with us on the artist/client pages of the site. We hope to share more with you on our Street Monkeys and additional services we are adding in coming months, so stay tuned...

Michelle Conceison
Photo by Asia Kepka

Michelle Conceison — Marketing & Management
Boston MA: a Monkey since 1995

Michelle Conceison is the founder of Boston-based music marketing and management company Market Monkeys.

A veteran of ad agencies in Boston, Chicago, New York and San Francisco, before music Conceison worked with major brands including AT&T, Bank of America, General Motors, Adidas, Timberland, eMusic, Sirius/XM, and Musician's Friend (Guitar Center) (see full list below). She bought some of the first keywords Google sold in 1999 while working in San Francisco. As a VP Director of Media, Conceison built up and led Search practices at industry leading agencies Arnold/MPG/Media Contacts and Digitas in Boston and Starcom Worldwide in Chicago. She has managed teams through consolidation and rampant growth in the Search and Social Media landscape over the last several years, has been involved in nearly every innovative beta test that has occurred to form the industry as it is today, and has planned and run small, medium, large and mamoth media programs. She is well-known and respected in the Search Marketing & Digital Media industry and has won many awards for her work. But that was her life before music!

Conceison first applied her marketing and management skills in music after stumbling upon Boston singer-songwriter Rachel McCartney busking in the Davis Square, Somerville MBTA station. A friendship and partnership kindled in February of 2001, led to Conceison managing McCartney - providing her with services including business management, marketing, web design and development, booking, publicity, radio promotion, festival promotion, event planning, merchandise order fulfillment, and distribution.

She "dreamed up" Market Monkeys while at Simmons School of Management in Boston getting her MBA in 2003. Her graduate research was focused on International Marketing and Music Management. In an independent study she conducted with counsel of professors at both Simmons School of Management and Berklee School of Music, Conceison outlined the history of technology advancement in the record industry and projected the future of record label organizations, services, and more specifically forward-thinking contract negotiation structures given the impact the Internet was having on music revenue streams.

In 2006, she won the Silverman Business Plan Competition for her plan for Market Monkeys - a music company for the future. She continued to work in advertising while managing and promoting artists including Rachel McCartney, Meg Hutchinson and Susan Werner, and getting Market Monkeys off the ground. In 2009, she left advertising to pursue music full-time and grow the company.

Market Monkeys now manages Rose Cousins, Anne Heaton, Meg Hutchinson, The Pines, Winterbloom and Natalia Zukerman - and handles marketing projects for clients including author Scott Alarik, musicians Dala, Fred, Caroline Herring, Noelie McDonnell, Erin McKeown, Garrison Starr and booking agencies Mike Green & Associates and The Roots Agency. Music industry veterans and newbies alike call on Conceison to understand how to leverage new media, to learn the best practices in social and modern fan engagement, to refine their retail and eCommerce operations, and to ultimately get their music into new ears. Conceison is the Vice President of the Board of Directors of Folk Alliance International. She has mentored and spoken on music industry panels at Folk Alliance, OCFF, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, NERFA and ASCAP Expo. She is an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Simmons School of Management and has also taught Media & Communications at Tufts University and assisted in teaching Creative Writing at University of California at Berkeley.

Over the years, Conceison has worked with consumer brand clients across all major industries including...

  • Music & Entertainment: Musician's Friend (Guitar Center), eMusic, XM/Sirius Satellite Radio, Newline Cinema, The OC, Razor & Tie Direct
  • Tech, Telecom & Electronics: AT&T (Cingular), T-Mobile, RadioShack, Hewlett Packard, Vonage
  • Apparel: Timberland, Swatch, Adidas, Bluefly, Brooks Brothers, Casual Corner, Petite Sophisticate, August Max, Carolee
  • Retail Goods: Stop and Shop, Webvan, Franklin Covey, Goodyear, Dunlop, Rand McNally
  • Automotive: General Motors, EV1, Saturn, Pontiac, Autozone
  • Travel: Choice Hotels, Royal Caribbean, Amtrak, America West Airlines, Delta Airlines
  • Financial Services: Bank of America, Fidelity, Barclays Global Investors, AARP, Morgan Stanley, Thomson Financial, Omgeo
  • BioTech: Oxigene, AspenTech, Gemini Genomics/Sequenom, Novartis, Shlemberger
  • Publishing: The Economist, AOL, Curve Magazine


Jennifer Falk — Finance
Boston MA: a Monkey since 2003

Falk, too, comes from the world of advertising. She's provided top notch strategic marketing and client services to brands including ARAMARK, Carolina Turkey, and Citi. Highly analytical and proven at forecasting and resource allocation, she has managed marketing budgets totaling over $2 million. Falk received her MBA from the Simmons School of Management, and there completed a variety of financial analysis, forecasting and marketing research projects on diverse business models including Timberland, Johnson & Johnson, and The United Way. She served as Director of Marketing & Product Innovation at music enterprise software company Sonicbids, the original innovators of electronic press kits (EPK™) which has revolutionized press kit submission and review for musicians and promoters. Subsequently, Falk managed Marketing Programs at Akamai - and the global launch of Akamai's high definition digital video platform which is used by MTV, CBS, NBA, BBC, Apple and many other content owners to deliver high defnition video over the web. Today, in addition to her role as CFO for Market Monkeys, Falk manages Account Services at award-winning Boston-based advertising agency and design firm Holland-Mark.

monkey staff  

BJ Mansuetti — New Media & Volunteerism
Boston MA: a Monkey since 2011


Rachel Klein — Publicity & Radio Promotion
Boston MA: a Monkey since 2010


Jodi Sinatra — Graphic Design & Stuff That Looks Cool
Boston MA: a Monkey since 2001

  Kate Gilbert — Web Development
Boston MA: a Monkey since 2009

Katie Wells — Tour Logistics
Great Barrington MA: a Monkey since 1996


Darlington Howland — Event Planning
London England: a Monkey since 2009

monkey alumni

Kellie Lin Knott — Email Marketing
Milwaukee WI: a Monkey since 2007


Darrell Anderson — Radio Relations
Berkeley CA: a Monkey since 2008

Be a Monkey, too!
If you're interested in joining the Market Monkeys team, don't be shy...

We are sometimes hiring, and can always use a hand if you are dedicated to the growth of talented musicians, and the enjoyment of diverse fans and enthusiasts. As a company, Market Monkeys works with promotors, venues, publications, labels, and radio programs toward mutual profitability and long term growth. That means we play nice with the other kids.

To play along, please send your resume to: jobs@marketmonkeys.com